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VTK Data Loader

Tecplot 360 Supports VTK Data loader

Tecplot 360 now includes the ability to read VTU and VTM files, one of the many variations of file formats supported by VTK, the visualization toolkit.

VTK Unstructured Grid files, VTU for short, is an XML based format which contains unstructured cell types. Tecplot 360’s VTU loader supports classical unstructured grids composed of triangles, quads, tetrahedrons, pyramids, prisms, and bricks. We also support ASCII, Binary, and Binary Appended variants.

VTK MultiBlock files, VTM for short, are also an XML based file format which simply lists a set of VTU files to load. VTM files are often used with unsteady simulations and as a convenience to load many VTU files at once.

We have worked with simulation codes like SimVascular, Envenio, COMSOL, and PyFr on the development of this loader to ensure compatibility and are pleased to offer the VTU and VTM loaders to these user communities.

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