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Sizing Parcels by Variable


This video shows you how to size parcels by a variable in Tecplot 360. The example we are using is a CONVERGE data set with parcel information. We have previously colored the parcels by values of the film flag.

Sizing the parcels by a variable such as mass or number of particles can be done quite easily.

In the Zone Style dialog, select the zone that represents our parcels, here titled Particle. Right-click on Scatter Size and click Select variable… and select the variable to size by, in this case we’ll use dp_mass. Then, right-click again and select By: dp_mass.

The particles do not change size in this case because the scatter Symbol Shape is set to Point. We want to pick a scatter Symbol Shape that will represent size, so we choose Sphere. Now you can see different sizes. Tecplot 360 calculates a default size for the parcels. If you want to adjust the size of the parcels, right-click on Scatter Size and click Select variable… again. Here we can adjust the size particles multiplier.

That is how you change scatter symbols as associated with a size variable.

Thanks for watching!