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Mesh Properties


In this video we will show you how to control mesh properties in Tecplot 360.

Follow along by downloading and extracting the files from the Getting Started Bundle. The Bundle file contains data used in many of our video tutorials. This video uses the OversetCylinder.szplt dataset in the flowFlowOverCylinder folder in the Getting Started Bundle.

Download the Getting Started Bundle

Plot Sidebar

The controls available in the Plot sidebar depend on the plot type of the active frame. For 2D or 3D Cartesian plot types, you can show or hide zone layers, zone effects and derived objects from your plot. For line plots (XY and polar) you can show or hide mapping layers.

If you do not see the plot sidebar, open it from the View menu.

All the toggles in the Plot Sidebar act as power switches that affect all zones. By contrast, the right-click Context menus and Zone Style dialog affect only individual zones.

Turn on the Mesh

Turn off Edge(s), then turn on the Mesh. Zoom in on your plot to see the mesh.

Another way to turn on and off the mesh is by using the Context menu. Simply Right click on the zone and Click the mesh icon Mesh.

To change the mesh color, right click on the zone and click the small arrow  to the right of the Mesh icon. From here you can choose a constant color or color by a variable.

Mesh Properties

The Zone Style dialog allows control of additional properties such as line thickness, and line pattern. An easy way to launch the Zone Style dialog is to simply double-click on the zone. When double-clicking on the zone, that zone will be pre-selected in the Zone Style dialog. The Zone Style dialog may also be launched using the “Zone Style…” button on the Plot sidebar.

Note that the Context menus and Zone Style dialog also control the other plotting layers: contours, vectors, scatter, shade, edge and translucency.

This concludes the tutorial for controlling mesh properties in Tecplot 360. Thank you for watching!

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