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No Slip Streamtraces in Tecplot 360

This video demonstrates the improved functionality of No Slip Streamtraces in Tecplot 360.

When running simulations in a viscous flow, the viscosity dominates near the wall, and the fluid is essentially “stuck” to the wall. This is often referred to as a no-slip condition and the boundary surfaces in your simulation results will have zero velocity. However, you may want to draw surface-restricted streamtraces to understand how the fluid flows within the boundary layer near the wall.

Previous versions of Tecplot 360 required special attributes be added to the simulation output to make this possible. This limited the number of users that could access this capability as it depended on the solver developer.

Tecplot 360 now makes drawing of no-slip streamtraces easy by automatically detecting a no-slip boundary, a surface with zero velocity, and Tecplot 360 will then find the volume zone that neighbors the boundary and use velocity gradients to calculate streamtraces on the surface.

We will be using ONERA M6 Wing data, which you can find in the Tecplot 360 Getting Started Bundle.

  1. Update Your Software to Tecplot 360 2020 R1 or newer. Get a Free Trial or Update your Licensed Software.
  2. Download the Getting Started Bundle (ZIP).
  3. Open the file ONERA dataset.

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