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Placing a Slice

Placing a Slice – Tecplot Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to place slices in Tecplot 360. The slice placement tool is this button here on the plot sidebar and here on the top toolbar. I’ll select the Slice tool Slice Tooland click on the wing surface.

You will see that the slice is in the X plane direction. If you want to change the orientation, you can do that with the keyboard, by pressing X,Y, Z, or A for arbitrary.

When you have the arbitrary tool selected, you can click and drag the tip of this tool to change the normal direction. You can click and drag the length of the tool to change the position, and you can click and drag the ball in the center to change the center of rotation for that slice.

Slice Details Animate TabWith the selector tool active, double click anywhere on the slice to open the Slice Details dialog. A right click on the slice will allow you to turn on or off the mesh, contour, shade, or translucency. The right click is a nice, easy way to control the look and feel of the slice.

For the arbitrary slice, I can probe three points to define the orientation.

I can also enter three points and then rotate around a specific axis.

Let’s go back to a Y plane to show what we call a primary slice.

Another option is to add start and end slices. Now I have three total slices in the view. If I turn on intermediate, I can say add a few intermediate slices between the start and end positions.

Using multiple slices gives you a better idea of what is going on through your flow. You can see that it’s easy to adjust the slice orientation and the number of slices available.

Here, we are slicing through the volume zones. If I want to know what’s happening right at the surface, I could select Show Slice through surface zones.

 The Slice Details dialog lets you set all sorts of attributes – contouring, vectors, mesh shade, and edge.

You can also animate through the domain quite easily using the animate controls. You can animate to movie files and export the movie.

You can have up to eight different slice groups. Multiple slice groups let you show X, Y, Z, and Arbitrary slices simultaneously.

Thank you for watching!

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