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30-Minute History Match Validation

In this live webinar, you’ll learn how to complete a history match validation workflow in 30 minutes with Tecplot RS 2023 R1. We run through a quantitative and qualitative deep dive analysis of our history match results, statically determine the quality of the history match, and then create a filter selection set based on our results. By taking advantage of the powerful tools in RS, you can streamline tedious workflows and achieve faster results.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:32 Tecplot RS 2023 Release
  • 4:31 Agenda
  • 5:52 Initial Overview of History Match Results
  • 16:25 History Match Quality Assessment
  • 22:00 Using Selection Sets and Groups for Deeper Analysis
  • 30:53 Conclusion
  • 32:54 Q&A

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