The previous XDBview version expired on December 3rd, 2023.
If you’re seeing the message “This copy of XDBview has expired”, all you need to do is:
• Submit the form and download the new version of XDBview.
• If you have an installed version of XDBview, uninstall it.
• Install the new version.

What is XDBview?

XDBview gives you all the high performance, interactive visualization capabilities of FieldView in a free viewer. Interrogate your CFD simulations using compact XDB files. Review and share complex simulation results without the burden of large CFD datasets and without a license.

XDB files are compact extracts that maintain the full numerical fidelity of your CFD simulation on selected surfaces and streamlines. Generate XDB files in FieldView interactively, or in batch, based on the visualization that you create. XDBs are 10x to 1,000x smaller than your CFD dataset and can be easily transferred, shared, and archived.

Work with your data anywhere

With XDBs, small packets of data replace large results files. Generate XDBs on your desktop or a remote HPC system, and then interact with the simulation results in XDBview on your desktop or even a laptop. Annotate and save your own views to pass along to colleagues.

Review large unsteady datasets interactively at animation speed

Achieve true interactive exploration of your transient data. Zoom, rotate on multiple cases as they animate through time. High-speed, multi-windows graphics enable direct qualitative and quantitative comparisons to make your story engaging and understandable.

Agility for on the spot what-if analysis

With XDBview you are never locked into a single view. Even while sweeping through time and space you can rotate your model, change scalars, apply thresholds, and experience multiple views simultaneously.

Share your results with clients, colleagues, and managers

XDBview is free to anyone. No license is required. Share the lightweight XDB files so anyone can explore your results. You can set up automated RESTARTS to show them exactly what you need them to see. As a reviewer, you can freely explore the dataset. Annotate and save your own views to pass along to colleagues.

New in XDBview 2

  • Perform surface sweep operations
  • Read STL files for easily including geometry in your model with minimal impact of files size
  • All new display types including vertex display for enhanced views and high performance

XDBview will read XDB files generated by FieldView 14 and newer.