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Tecplot’s Software Maintenance Service offers customers full technical support and many other benefits that we describe here. One year of maintenance service is included with new and updated Tecplot licenses. Limited support is available for customers with expired maintenance.

Software Maintenance integrates 10+ services for annual and perpetual licenses into a single product and is available for all products: Tecplot 360, FieldView, Tecplot RS, and Tecplot Focus. A one-year subscription is included with the purchase of every new and updated Tecplot license. The Maintenance Service agreement is usually renewed annually, but it can be renewed for several years.

Additional integrated capabilities are available only to customers with Software Maintenance (aka TecPLUS™) service. The right to use Tecplot Chorus, PyTecplot, and SZL Server is licensed on an annual basis for each concurrent 2017 and later Tecplot 360 license. Complete terms and conditions are contained in the End User License Agreement (EULA), which is included with your Tecplot product and is located in the top menu under Help.

Tecplot 360 and TecPLUS Benefits

Product Software and Maintenance Updates

Customers on maintenance/TecPLUS™ have access to the newest and all supported versions of their Tecplot products. Releases are typically bi-annual, in addition to maintenance updates as needed. Supported versions are releases delivered in the current year and the past two calendar years. You will receive personal notification of all new releases and will have access to download the most current versions or any supported version.

Unlimited Phone and Email Support

Live support is available by phone and email. See our support contact information and hours. Assistance from our Technical Support Team is available for one designated person, plus one alternate.

The Technical Support Team strives to respond to support issues within one business day. We are usually able to resolve technical inquires with a single phone call or email, but sometimes it involves clarification and a second exchange. You can expect your inquiry to be resolved, or if not resolved, escalated, within two business days.

Technical issues that have not been encountered before and cannot be resolved within two business days will be escalated to specialized technical experts. Escalated issues are usually resolved within ten business days. If it is determined that resolution of the issue would require a change to the product, or that the issue involves something that the product was not designed to do, you will be advised of the next steps.

Macro, Add-on and Usage Help

In addition to installation and troubleshooting, we can offer solutions for workflow issues specific to your workplace. We can also guide you through a variety of time-saving techniques and can help you develop and use add-ons and macros.


Your Tecplot investment began with the initial installation and successful integration of our software into your workflow. Tecplot Support can help with installing the software on your machine to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

One-hour of Personalized Training

Whether it’s training for new or advanced users, large groups or small, our expert instructors focus on your individual goals, your data sets and how you can use Tecplot software for maximum success in your business. These sessions are delivered online, at a convenient time for you, one per year.

Ask the Expert Sessions

Web-based conferencing “Ask the Expert” sessions allow you to interact directly with Tecplot engineers and product experts on a wide range of topics. Each session covers a general application area (such as using the Python API, Tecplot Chorus, SZL Server, etc.) and provides an open forum for you to ask questions about software functionality, current best practices and implementation considerations.

All attendees benefit from this interaction: you learn new and improved techniques, have access to expert advice and can develop your own internal expertise.

Tutorial Video Library

The Video Library is an on-demand resource that can help you educate new employees, assist you in developing a deeper understanding of the features and functions of your Tecplot software and may help you discover new potential applications. New videos address current customer questions and training requests and show you how to use newly released features.

Educational Webinars

Webinars are online educational sessions that target a specific customer application or software functionality. These instructional webinars follow a set agenda, with time reserved for audience question and answer sessions.

Webinars are beneficial in two ways. First, they are invaluable for showing new users in your organization real-world applications to help them learn expert techniques more quickly. Secondly, they serve as refresher courses for experienced users who can benefit from learning how to use the newly release product features. All of the Ask the Expert and Educational Webinars sessions will be recorded and saved in a Video Library.

Tecplot Solution Services 20% Discount

Tecplot Solution Services (TSS) brings custom software, workflow streamlining and on-site training to you and your team to address business-specific challenges. Tecplot’s software development team can leverage the Tecplot Add-On Developer’s Kit (ADK) to create custom user interfaces to accelerate your workflows. All at a 20% discount.

Computer and License Server Transfers

  • Computer or License Server Transfers. When it’s time to upgrade your computer or server hardware, our Technical Support staff can help you with the transfer of your license to a new computer or license server. Unlimited license server transfers are included in maintenance/TecPLUS™ service.
  • Single-user licenses. Moving your single-user license to a new computer is super easy if you have a 2016 or later software release and an internet connection. Simply install the software on your new computer and activate it using your activation code.
  • Single-user licenses running 2015 or earlier versions of Tecplot software require the issuance of a new license key to run the software on a new computer. You can request a new license key and deactivate your old license key by contacting Technical Support.
  • Network licenses. Install your software on the new computer, choose network installation mode and include your license server name when prompted.

Product or License Reallocation

Product or license reallocation. Merging or splitting licenses, for example combining multiple single-user licenses into a network license, and other customer-requested license modifications are included with your maintenance/TecPLUS™ service.

Beta Software and Prereleases

We have a thriving Beta Community. Beta software not only gives you first access to new features in our prereleases, but also gives you a forum for influencing future product design through your feedback. The Beta Community provides a channel for communication between you and our Product Management team. Beta testers assist us in planning Tecplot applications that will best meet customer business needs now and into the future.

Customers with Expired Maintenance/TecPLUS™ Service

Installation-only support is offered to perpetual license holders who do not have a current maintenance/TecPLUS™ subscription for software releases delivered in the current year and the past two calendar years.

Computer and License Server Transfers. A transfer fee will be applied to any perpetual license transferred from the original computer or license server to a different computer or license server if the customer’s maintenance is expired.
If your license is older than 2009 and uses the FLEXnet or the ELAN license manager we are not able to generate keys for those license managers. To explore alternative options, email support@tecplot.com, or call 425-653-9393.

License Reallocation. A reallocation fee will be applied to any perpetual license reallocation, including merging or splitting licenses, for example combining a multiple single-user licenses into a network licenses, if the customer’s maintenance is expired.