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Parallel Post on HPC Made Easy with FieldView 2023

The FieldView 2023 release is now available! In this online event, we cover all the new features, fixes, and performance improvements that this release offers. Many of the new capabilities of FieldView 2023 were derived from user feedback and we worked directly with those users to test and implement the features. 
VTK Reader Improvements
Time Stamps:
0:18 Your FieldView Contacts
0:47 Agenda
2:37 Solutions for Post Processing Large Remote Data
6:57 Client-Server Autostart for HPC
18:06 Typical Parallel Speeds-Ups
23:32 Scalar Min/Max
27:41 atan2()
30:05 Polyspheres
31:57 Key Modifiers for Mouse Controls
33:15 VTK Reader Improvements
37:02 Tecplot 360 & Ensight Readers
37:29 Overview
38:00 Q&A 

Learn more about FieldView 2023 here!

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