Tecplot 360 2024 R1 Release

Release Date: June 13th, 2024

Tecplot 360 2024 R1 includes important new features and stability improvements.

  • Updated Ansys Fluent Common Fluids Format (.cas.h5/.dat.h5) to support Ansys Fluent 2024 R1 files.
  • Added PVD file support. PVD files are an XML-based format that ease loading of collections of (including transient) XML-based VTK files (.vti, .vtp, .vtu). This update improves compatibility with CFD codes such as Kestrel and M-Star CFD Software.
  • Enabled VTK-based data loaders for macOS. Previous releases introduced these data loaders on Windows and Linux.
  • TecIO: If you choose to use Boost 1.75.0 or greater, you will need C++14. But you can use Boost 1.69.0, in which case, you do not need C++14.
  • List of data loaders in the File > Load Data dialog have been alphabetized to make loader selection easier. Tecplot file format loaders remain listed at the top.


  • Updated the Probe Dialog to allow adjusting the numeric precision. The eliding (the ‘…​’ in the right-hand image) was also updated to be in the center. These two changes make it much easier to recognize the order of magnitude of the probed values.


  • Green-Gauss Derivatives (Beta Feature). The Green-Gauss method for computing derivatives can improve the quality of gradient calculations particularly near the walls when the grid is highly stretched. This feature is currently partially complete and available only via an option (FEDerivativeMethod = GreenGauss) on the $!AlterData Macro Command. Green-Gauss is not implemented for some zone types and will automatically fall back to the default, Moving Least Squares, method. The left image below is dudy() computed with Green-Gauss and the right image is with Moving-Least-Squares. The Green-Gauss derivatives closely match the analytical solution.


Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed regression with CGNS loader in which some data files containing polyhedral data could not be loaded. This issue was introduced in 360 2023 R1 and resolved in 360 2024 R1.
  • Fixed SZPLT data file only problem where self-referential equations using the IF operator could result in incorrect results.
    • Example equation: {MyVariable} = IF(X > 0, 1, {MyVariable})
  • Fixed issue with the Ansys Fluent CFF loader in which it would crash on newer Linux systems, such as Rocky 9 and Ubuntu 24.04.
  • Fixed crash with CGNS files that were written with CGNS 3.4 and utilize polyhedral cells. Note that CGNS 3.4.0 was effectively recalled and should be avoided. See the note under CGNS 4.0.0 here: cgns.github.io/download.html
  • Resolved memory leak in VTI and VTP loaders.
  • Fixed issue which prevented loading of polyhedral data with more than 2 billion faces.
  • Fixed issue which prevented the tec360-env script from working on newer Linux systems, such as Ubuntu 22.04 and newer. The tec360-env script is commonly used in conjunction with PyTecplot. See tecplot.azureedge.net/products/pytecplot/docs/install.html#environment-setup-batch-only
  • Fixed CONVERGE HDF5 loader so it will load parcel data from CONVERGE version 4.0 files.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented TecUtilLineSegProbe() from working with polyhedral data.
  • Fixed crash with surface streamtraces placed on no-slip wall zones.
  • Fixed issue where surface streamtraces did not propagate properly when placed on no-slip wall zones composed of 4-corner polygons.
  • Fixed crash when changing solution time while a LineMap is selected and there are 2D or 3D Frames with linked solution time.
  • Eliminated a benign command line warning: “libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile”, which was displayed on Linux operating systems.
  • Windows Installer now installs additional dependencies which prevented some Tecplot add-ons from loading.
  • Implemented TecUtilDialogLaunch(Dialog_ZoneMapStyle) to allow the Zone Style dialog to be launched programmatically from Tecplot add-ons.
  • Fixed crash with $!CreateFEBoundary macro command with small (less than ~2500 cells) surface zones.
  • Update the End User License Agreement in all products Feb 2024.
  • Published Pytecplot 1.6.2 (only change is EULA update).

Python Version Support

Tecplot software which supports Python will be supported on Python versions which are under active support. For details refer to: devguide.python.org/versions

Platform Support

The 2024 R1 release is supported on the following platforms:

  • Linux:
    • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, 22.04 LTS, 24.04 LTS
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 15
    • RedHat 7.8+, 8, and 9
    • CentOS 7.8+
    • Rocky Linux 8 and 9
  • Windows: 10 and 11
  • macOS: 12, 13, and 14

Platform End of Life Updates

CentOS 7 support ends, June 30th, 2024. Tecplot software released after this date will not be supported on CentOS 7.

RedHat 7 support ends, June 30th, 2024. Tecplot software released after this date will not be supported on RedHat 7.

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