The Tecplot 360 Certification is designed for researchers, engineers and students. The video and training guide will walk you through all you need to know about the basics of data post-processing and visualization with Tecplot 360. We will show you tips and tricks to more efficiently create XY line, 2D and 3D plots and animations.

The course is free of charge. The average completion time is just one hour! Watch the video, and complete all the exercises in the Training Reference Guide.

After you take and submit the certification test (Step 4), we will review your answers and notify you in 4-6 weeks.  The certificate will be a valuable asset for your CV, resume and LinkedIn profile.

Tecplot 360 Basics Certificate

Step 1: Install the Newest Version of Tecplot 360

If you are not using the most current version of Tecplot 360, download and install it now. You can either use the free trial, or upgrade your existing software.

Get a Free Trial     Update Your Software

Step 2: Unpack the Training Material

Download and uncompress the Training file (53 MB). This ZIP file contains a Tecplot 360 Certification Training Guide (PDF) and the data you will need to use to follow the video.

Download Training ZIP File

Step 3: Learn Tecplot 360!

Watch the Tecplot 360 Certification Training Video, and try to reproduce all the steps. Follow the Tecplot 360 Certification Training Guide (PDF), and perform all steps on your local computer. You will need to use the plot you make at the end of your training to earn your certification.

Note: In Tecplot 360 2019 R1, extracting slices over time is more tightly integrated. The Data>Extract>Extract Slices Over Time menu option has been removed. Please use Data>Extract>Slices or the Extract Slices button on the Slice Details dialog. The Guide PDF has been updated, but the video (timestamp 0:05:52) has not.

Step 4: Get Certified

At this point you should have followed the Video and Training Guide and exported your plot. Your plot should look similar to the one at right. Now it’s time to get certified!

Answer all 20 questions on the certification test, upload your plot and click submit. Answers to each question can be found in the video or in the Training Guide. The test is not timed so you may take as long as you wish to finish.

Take the Certification Test

Please allow 4-6 weeks for us to review your test results. Certification is given at the sole discretion of Tecplot, Inc. and is based on evaluation of your submitted answers and plot.

Step 5: Congratulations! Join the Tecplot Community

Stay up to date with Tecplot 360 product updates, webinars, tips and tricks.

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Tecplot 360 Certification

Take the Tecplot 360 Certification Test and upload the plot you created. It should look something like this.