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Blanking Regions


This video tutorial shows you how to blank regions of the reservoir in Tecplot RS. We show you two easy ways to look only at areas of the reservoir that you’re interested in.

Let’s say you’re interested in looking only at a subset of your reservoir. Using the Blanking feature of Tecplot RS, you can “blank regions” or turn off parts of the grid that you don’t want to see.  

The first type of blanking is cell-value blanking. This is where you can set your constraint variables. To get the cell-value blanking, go to the Cell Blanking icon at the top of the menu bar.

Blank Regions of Your Reservoir

For this example, I will walk you through how to set constraints, for example, water saturation. The first thing to do, is to click on the Include Value Blanking check boxes. Next, click on the Active check box.  Now, I want to blank areas where the water saturation is greater than 0.9. I will choose Water Saturation and select when water saturation is greater than or equal to 0.9, then press Apply and Close.

The grid shown now no longer contains areas with high water saturation. Any analyses that are applied at this point will be done on the new subset. For example, if we take the K-sum or the K-average, it will be calculated only on the blanked region.

Interactive Blanking

You can also interactively choose regions to blank within the grid. Do this by using the Pick Blanking functionality of Tecplot RS. To activate Pick Blanking, first click on the Blanking icon once again, and click on the Pick tab. Next click on the Include Pick Blanking check box. There are several options on how to choose the desired boundary. As an example, I’m going to choose the Circle Boundary option. You will be asked to switch to aerial view, go ahead and press Yes.

Now, I want to blank the area outside a specific boundary. To create the boundary, move the mouse over while holding down the left mouse button. Now, the areas that we don’t want to see, outside the boundary, are blanked. Again, any analyses that are done now, will be performed only for this subset.

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