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Tecplot® RS™ 2013 R1

Tecplot’s reservoir simulation visualization and analysis tool now gives users the ability to identify fault surfaces and display them in 3D grid plots along with grid layers and streamlines.

BELLEVUE, WA–July 19, 2013–Tecplot®, Inc. has released a major update for Tecplot® RS™ 2013, the company’s reservoir simulation visualization and analysis tool for oil and gas reservoir modeling. The Release 1 (R1) version gives users the ability to explore the flow dynamics in the vicinity of the faults with options that allow users to display fault alongside grid layers and streamlines.

“By providing three different methods to identify faults, Tecplot RS makes it easy for reservoir engineers to investigate the details of properties near selected faults and understand how the faults influence the flow of the reservoir fluids,” said Don Roberts, Tecplot RS Product Manager. “This can be crucial to the successful development of a reservoir asset.”

Combining the display of faults with selected grid layers, slices, iso-surfaces, and streamline solutions, further enhances the engineers ability to gain insights into the interaction of the reservoir fluids with the faults.

Other feature and usability enhancements in this release include:

Local Grid Refinement (LGR) display–Display selected sub-grids allowing users to focus on a particular set of LGRs.

Streamlines moved to Inside Views–Animate Streamlines, create movie files, and synchronize streamlines with Grid time controls.

Non-neighbor Connectors (NNC) have moved to Inside Views–Display NNC properties such as transmissibility on specified faces. The NNC display has a ‘persist’ option that allows faults to be displayed with other Inside Views like slices and streamlines.
Find the complete list of enhancements in this release on the Tecplot® RS product page under the “What’s New” tab.

Platforms and Pricing

Tecplot® RS™ 2013 R1 supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP (32- and 64-bit), and Linux (64-bit) platforms. Complete platform information is listed under the “Requirements” tab on the
Tecplot® RS™ product page.

Pricing starts at $6,600 in the U.S. for a single-user perpetual license. Tecplot® RS™ users with current Software Maintenance Service subscriptions can upgrade to Tecplot® RS™ 2013 Release 1 at no additional cost. Special pricing is available for qualified academic users upon request.

About Tecplot®, Inc.

Founded in 1981 and based in Bellevue, Washington, Tecplot®, Inc. empowers engineers and scientists to discover, analyze, and understand information in complex data, and to effectively communicate the results to others. The company launched Tecplot, its first software product for the scientific visualization market, in 1988. Since then, Tecplot™ has been applying and influencing the latest advances in visualization technologies and plotting capabilities. With more than 45,000 users worldwide, Tecplot has become the trusted name in data visualization.

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