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Tecplot 360 2014 Release 2 Now Available

Usability and Performance Features Include Native Mac Support, Fourier Transform, and Extended Context Toolbar

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON—October 15, 2014—Tecplot, Inc. announced today that Tecplot 360 Release 2 is available. This release allows engineers to quickly and easily interrogate complex CFD solution data while maintaining the same absolute control of plot attributes.

  • Context toolbars allow for quick changes to zone styles, iso-surfaces, and slices. With a simple right-click on the object, users have direct access to mesh, contour, vector, shade, edge, and translucency.
  • Fourier transform feature allows transformation of one-dimensional ordered linear data into the frequency domain for visualization and further analysis.
  • Native Mac OSX support is now fully integrated into Tecplot 360, and Mac users are able to utilize Tecplot 360 the way it was intended.

Product manager, Durrell Rittenberg explains, “results from our recent usability studies identified several user interface areas in Tecplot 360 that if implemented would substantially improve the usability of the product. The top recommendation from the study was to reduce the complexity for users that are performing CFD exploration. But it was important to maintain the existing flexibility and plot control. The right-clickable context menu accomplishes this.”

Style Control Context Toolbars in Tecplot 360 Release 2

More information can be found on the Tecplot 360 product page. Download a Free Trial >>

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Contact: Margaret Connelly