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Employee Profile: Tecplot Product Manager Scott Fowler

Scott Fowler is adventurous by nature, so it’s no surprise that he’s tackling his new professional role as Tecplot Product Manager with the same zeal that he brings to his favorite personal pursuits – namely rock-climbing, mountain biking and skiing.

Crystal-clear Picture of Customer Needs

Scott FowlerScott, a married father of two young sons, was recently promoted to the role that will make him the “face of Tecplot.” As the product manager responsible for Tecplot 360 and Tecplot Chorus, our customers and prospects will see Scott at customer visits, industry tradeshows and various other public-facing venues. As Scott explains it, “It’s my job to understand where the CFD and aerospace markets are going. I’ll be meeting with our customers and prospects often so I can get a crystal-clear picture of their needs. I’ll then assimilate that invaluable user feedback and turn it into future product requirements.”

A Tecplot employee for the better part of 16 years, not counting a brief pre-parenthood sabbatical during which Scott and his wife moved to Sun Valley, Idaho, to live out their youthful dreams of becoming professional ski bums, Scott comes to his new role from the software development side of the business. He was a developer for Tecplot Solutions Services, the company’s consulting and technical support business unit, and later he served as the lead product architect for both products he now manages.

Thrilled for the Challenge and Opportunity

Given his prior work experience coupled with the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree he earned at the University of Washington, Scott obviously has the technical chops for his new role. The areas in which he will be pushed outside his traditional comfort zone are sales and marketing. “I’m excited to get a more holistic view of our business,” Scott said. “I’ll now have significant involvement with our sales and marketing teams. Collectively, our ultimate responsibility is for the continued growth and profitability of Tecplot 360 and Tecplot Chorus. It’s a big step beyond the developer’s desk, but I’m really thrilled for the challenge and opportunity.”

Considering Tecplot’s ambitious release schedule for 2015 and beyond, it’s a good thing the Fowler family lives in Bellevue, only six short miles from the office. “When I’m not traveling to meet with our customers, I’ll be in the office a lot. Work is a big part of my life,” Scott said. “But more important is the time I spend with my family. My wife, Anna; our sons, Nick and Will; and myself are real outdoor types. We love everything that living in the beautiful state of Washington affords us. From the water to the mountains to the forest, we couldn’t ask for a better place in which to live and I couldn’t ask for a better company at which to work.”