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What’s New in Tecplot RS 2015 R1


  • Interactive Equation Editor. A new calculator-style equation editor simplifies creating and modifying sets of equations for derived variables.
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  • Bubble Plot Style. Bubble plot enhancements allow users to present well production data in 2D and 3D grid plots through pie-chart symbols.
  • Support for Multi-Reservoir NEXUS Models. It is now possible to load and display solutions for multi-reservoir models from NEXUS simulations.
  • New Welcome Screen. When Tecplot RS 2015 R1 is launched, you are presented with a new Welcome screen that provides quick access to recently used layouts, documentation and online resources.
  • License Roaming. Users who need to travel can now check-out their Tecplot RS 2015 R1 network license for their laptop computer and take it with them on trips.
  • 3D Rotate Dialog. The new 3D Rotate dialog provides the capability to precisely rotate 3D plots.
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