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File Dialog: What’s New in Tecplot 360 2016 R2



This video will cover what has changed with the file dialog including loading data into Tecplot 360 and an the extended dialog for Windows users.

In this quick video, you will see what has changed with the file dialog in Tecplot 360 2016 Release 2.

New in this release is the “All Files” and “All Supported Files” loader options in the Load Data dialog, which allows Tecplot 360 to do the work of figuring out what file type is being loaded. With this set-it-and-forget-it capability, the dialog will either show all files in your directory structure or all files Tecplot 360 recognizes the extensions for. For example, when walking through your directory structure in which you have worked with two or more different CFD solvers, you will now see your Tecplot files, Fluent files, and CFX files all at the same time. Choose “All Files” from the drop down menu and load in a .dat file.

Since this file extension has more than one loader associated with it, another dialog will prompt you to select the correct loader. It recognizes that .dat files can either be a Tecplot file type or a Fluent file type. Choose the Tecplot Data Loader, click OK, and the data will load.

File Dialog Advanced Options

When either “All Files” or “All Supported Files” is selected, there will be a drop down menu next to the Open button that will give the option to load data using advanced options. Not all loaders have advanced options, which means the data can load without an additional dialog box. Our Fluent loader does have advanced options, so load in .cas and .dat files using this feature. Replace the existing data and notice how a dialog box will pop up allowing you to choose more options, like assigning strands and choosing what to load. These advanced options are different for different loaders.

Windows Users

For Windows users, there is now an option that will enable users to load multiple files from different locations which can be toggled on by going to Options and clicking Use Extended Load Data Dialog. It has the same loaders in the drop-down menu and favorite folders can be set by dragging and dropping them onto the side bar. Advanced options are also available by checking the box next to the loader drop-down menu. As an example, load in some Fluent files from two different folders by first highlighting the first set of desired files then clicking Add to List. Then, navigate to the other folder and do the same. The files will be loaded in the order the files are added.

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