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Tecplot Chorus Overview



This Tecplot Chorus overview video gives you a high-level look at how to organize and investigate large amounts of CFD results. Tecplot Chorus lets you dive into your many CFD runs to find insights in plot trends and to pinpoint anomalies—to make sure you don’t miss something important.

With increasing computational resources, both mesh sizes and number of runs are increasing. Today, engineers can generate several CFD runs an hour and with this much data they need a way to visualize the runs to ensure they aren’t missing any important information or trends.

This is where Tecplot Chorus steps in. It helps organize and investigate the large amount of CFD results and test data by giving engineers the tools to dive into their many runs allowing insights into plot trends and pinpointing run anomalies.

With Tecplot Chorus, you can manage the CFD data files, input and output metadata and images associated with any run. From there, investigating differences in multiple images is easy. Tecplot Chorus also helps you investigate your metadata through 2D and 3D Scatter plots as well as line plots.

For Optimization cases, Chorus’ data filters can be used to find and eliminate designs that aren’t feasible. In addition, Chorus helps identify those cases that are on the edge of feasibility with Constraint Visualization.

The Chorus link to Tecplot 360 allows you to dive into your data and interrogate results. With a simple right click, the associated data to single or multiple CFD runs can be loaded into Tecplot 360, where you have access to all the Tecplot 360 capabilities to analyze, manipulate and extract complex images and data. These can all be imported back into Tecplot Chorus.

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