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Transient Series 5: Frame Linking


This video demonstrates how to link multiple frames together to help with plot comparisons when analyzing multiple data sets.

This video looks at frame linking and other tools to refine comparison plots of multiple 2D transient data sets for a vertical axis wind turbine.

Although the Transient Data Series has used data from a single vertical axis wind turbine, this data set is part of a shape optimization case where different airfoil shapes were considered. In this video, we will be comparing only two of these data sets.

Begin with the first data set already loaded into Tecplot 360, the plot already set up the way we want.

  1. Save the frame style as a stylesheet by selecting Frame > Save Frame Style…
  2. Create a new Frame, and load in a data set with a different geometry. Apply the same frame style by selecting Frame>Load Frame Style… To better align these two plots, tile the frames using Frames>Tile Frames…
  3. At this point we have two similar plots side-by-side. If we interact with one of the plots by panning or zooming, however, it will apply only to one and not the other. To change this, the frame elements must be linked together.
  4. Select Frame > Frame Linking… and toggle on Solution time (which allows simultaneous animation), X axis range, Y axis range, and XY axis position (which link the zoom and pan position). Then finally toggle on Contour levels, which will link the levels together if we want to adjust the coloring of the plot. Note we are not using the Frame Size and Position, which will place the frames directly on top of each other. Select Apply Settings to All Frames of this group (group 1 by default group).
  5. Adjust the plot position or animate the plot and both frames will update accordingly.

Frame linking allows you to compare multiple geometries and similar data sets, pointing out subtle differences between them, while keeping certain aspects of the plots consistent.

Thanks for watching!

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