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What’s New in Tecplot RS 2016 R1

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This video covers the new features that are available in Tecplot RS 2016 Release 1, including:

  • A new loader that allows you to visualize your results in the GRDECL format, with two two different methods to bring in your GRDECL files.
  • The periodic production rate tool (included in a previous release) has been enhanced to calculate and export rates from multiple files that are loaded in your project.
  • The INTERSECT output format has been added to the property modifier.

Video Description

The GRDECL format is now a supported file type in Tecplot RS 2016 Release 1. In the periodic production rate tool, you now have the option of calculating and exporting rates for multiple files. And in the property modifier, you can now output your data in the INTERSECT file format.

In the grid loader, GRDECL has been added to the list of supported file types. There are two ways you can load in your GRDECL files into Tecplot RS: you can key off of either a .data file or a .grdecl file.

  1. Use a .data file to load in a GRDECL file. Take a look at a sample .data file. In the .data file, you simply need a reference to the list of GRDECL files you would like to load. Tecplot RS will search for any include key words within the .data file. Let’s go ahead and bring in this file. When you key off the .data file, you’ll notice that the list of GRDECL files has been populated in the dialogue. Once you press OK, Tecplot RS will now display your static properties.
  2. Key off the GRDECL file itself. Here, you can choose any GRDECL file in the folder. You’ll see that RS again populates the list of all other GRDECL files in the same folder. You can remove files from this list or even add files from other folders.

The periodic production rate tool was introduced in a previous release of Tecplot RS and is much improved. In this demonstration, multiple X,Y files have been loaded (multiple files are not necessary to use the tool).

To open the tool, go to Analyze > Periodic Production Rates… You’ll be presented with a list of all of your cumulative variables, such as oil and water production totals. You can then use the tool to calculate your periodic production rates. In this example, I’m going to first specify to output the results in quarterly periods. I just want the calculation done on the well entities. I’m going to choose a few specific entities to calculate, and choose water production total as a calculated variable.

You’ll now notice options to perform the calculation on either the active file, which is the file that’s loaded, or to all files that are loaded in the project. If you press Compute, you’ll see the calculated display. You’ll also see that you now have the option of outputting in either a single aggregate file or multiple files.

The Property Modifier tool was introduced in a previous release of Tecplot RS. With it, you can modify grid properties and create an ASCII file that could be used as an input into your simulator. INTERSECT has now been added to the list of output formats. The new output formats write selection families and cell property edits.

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