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Tecplot 360 and TecPLUS


Watch an overview of the major new modules in Tecplot 360 that address fundamental issues in our industry, and provide our users with new, and efficient ways to interact with their data.

We continually improve our features, processing speed, and ability to load an ever increasing number of data formats to extract the most from your data.

Fundamental Problems in the Industry

We are excited to announce major new modules in Tecplot 360 2017 that address fundamental issues in our industry, and provide our users with new and efficient ways to interact with their data.

  • The past several years we’ve seen explosive growth in the availability of HPC resources, which has led to two problems in the computational physics market.
  • Simulations with larger and larger grids are being performed on remote machines.
  • Design studies and database generation have skyrocketed with the availability of new optimization tools and fast codes.
  • There is a growing demand for visualization and analysis tools that can not only load large grids quickly, but can also help make sense of the large number of simulations.

The Tecplot Solution

The 2017 release of Tecplot 360 includes capabilities that will allow you to load large grids, and to extract important knowledge from ensembles of simulations.

Tecplot Chorus

Tecplot Chorus is a unique design space exploration tool, which helps you analyze data sets from multiple simulations and allows you to operate on the metadata. You have more confidence in your designs when you understand to design performance and limits, and gain insights into the underlying physics.

Tecplot Chorus is fast, flexible and easy to use. It helps you accurately understand your data, and communicate your results to others. We believe in the emerging need for engineers and scientists to visualize results from multiple simulations at once, and Tecplot Chorus makes this possible.


With the sheer volume of simulation data being produced today, a fast and robust method to automate tools across your entire tool chain is a necessity.
PyTecplot, a new python API in Tecplot 360 2017 enables automation and simplifies syncing workflows together. You will benefit from the power and flexibility from Python, which has become the language of engineering and science.

SZL Server

With the increased availability of HPC resources comes growing grid size, and the need to access the date remotely. Remoting into visualization notes can be frustrating because latency, and resource contention is often experienced.

SZL Server, also new in Tecplot 360 2017 is a client server model for viewing large datasets located on your HPC, eliminating the slow process of copying data locally. Because SZL server is based on our proprietary SZL technology, it uses little memory, few CPU resources, and needs no graphics card on the server side.

SZL File Format

SZL, or subzone load on demand, is our proprietary technology that allows tremendous speedups in data transfer, and reduces memory usage by subdividing volume domains, and loading only the data required to create a plot. SZL also yields smaller file sizes for most data types with lossless compression. This technology is the backbone of our SZL fire format, and the SZL server.

Technical Support and Updates

Your purchase, or renewal, of Tecplot 360 2017 includes one year of TecPLUS maintenance service which gives you access to:

  • Tecplot Chorus, to explore large data sets composed of multiple solutions or experiments.
  • PyTecplot, a python API to speed automation and link workflows together.
  • SZL server for lightweight remote data access.

TecPLUS also gives you all product updates released throughout the year and our tier-one technical support.

Education and Training

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