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SZL Server Introduction


The video introduces the capabilities and benefits of Tecplot’s SZL Server, a remote data access capability. This client-server module is included with Tecplot 360 2017 and later versions.
SZL Server is a client server architecture that provides remote access to SZL data. It uses our proprietary SZL format to transfer only the data required to generate a plot.
Other client-server architectures require loading the entire dataset on the server side, which can be slow for large data sets.

In comparison, Tecplot 360’s client-server module may load and transfer as little as 1% of the total data, reducing RAM and CPU resources on the server side. In addition no graphical resources are required on the server side, as all rendering is performed locally, which also eliminates rendering latency.

To access a SZL Server from Tecplot 360, select File > Load Remote Data…

From here you can enter the appropriate login credentials to launch the server, and provide a key file to securely connect.  Once connected, you can select a data set to pull from the list of available files.

For those concerned about data security, an option to use an SSH bridge, with two factor authentication, is included for secure data transfer.

SZL Server requires a subscription to TecPLUS service and is included in the Tecplot 360 software package.

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