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Comparing Grids in Tecplot 360


In this video, we will show how to compare different data sets of similar grids using Tecplot 360.

For this example, we will be looking at the wing surface for two simulations using the same mesh while varying Alpha. Note, other input variables such as Mach and Beta remain consistent as well.

We will start with a layout showing the Coefficient of Pressure for each data set in a separate frame: The first from our data set with Alpha equal to 0 on the left, and the second with Alpha equal to 11 in the middle. We will do the calculations and plot the differences of C_p in this final frame.

The first step is to create a new placeholder zone to perform the operation without interfering with the existing variable. Select Data > Create Zone > Duplicate and select the first of the existing zones to create a third zone with the exact same grid.

Now we can now take the difference between the C_p from the change in alpha, open the Specify Equations dialog and using the appropriate syntax to reference the appropriate zones, enter an equation subtracting the coefficient of pressure variable of zone 1 from the same variable of zone 2. Before clicking Compute, change Zones to Alter to only apply only to the newly created third zone.

Next, be sure the third frame is selected, and from the Zone Style dialog toggle off all zones but the last one and toggle on the contour.

Finally, we can refine the color map to help us better visualize the difference in value. A diverging color map can be very useful in this situation.

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