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Comparing Grids in Tecplot Chorus


This is the second video in the Comparing Grids series. We will be comparing grids in Chorus – identical grids with different data sets.

In this video we will be comparing grids – data sets with the same grid using Chorus’ deep dive into Tecplot 360 capability. By using Chorus we can take advantage of a single click data difference option that is available in Tecplot 360 when launched from Chorus.

To begin, we will create a CSV file with links to the files we are looking to compare. A CSV file will look similar to this example: variable names in the first row, and tags identifying independent and dependent variables in the second row. Then in the right most column, there are relative paths to the data files we want to compare.

In Chorus we can select File > Open CSV Project… to open the CSV file.

We now see a table with the input variables where we can select the cases to compare. Right click and select View Data. This will load all the selected data files. We will select a predefined style, which will be applied when the data are loaded.

After Tecplot 360 has launched, we can turn on several Frame labels to help us identify attributes of the cases we selected (Alpha, CL, CD and Mach).

Next, toggle on Show Diff Data in the bottom right hand corner. This will create two new frames, where the contour variable shown is the difference between the data sets with Alpha equal to 7 and 9, and the data set in the first frame where Alpha is 5.

The final step will be to set up a diverging color map for the comparison frames. We will also ensure the values are centered at zero by setting min and max values to plus and minus one. Finally use the Synchronize Styles button to apply it to the other difference frames.

Using the Chorus infrastructure to perform data comparison allows for quick and easy data differencing and style synchronization.

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