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Reservoir Simulation Visualization & Analysis with Tecplot RS


Oil and gas projects reservoir models are getting larger and more complex. And the need for effective analysis and communication is becoming more important.

When you finish running a reservoir simulation, you must be able to quickly validate your results, and make crucial decisions about your model. You will also need to communicate your predictions to colleagues and management.

Visualization and analysis tools are becoming crucial in the simulation workflow because they help you fully understand your model. A reservoir engineer’s time is valuable and with pressing deadlines, spending your time sifting through tones of simulation data and more time figuring out effective ways to present and communicate results, is a waste. Your time would be better spent making insightful decisions and discoveries.

You need a tool that can do three things. Organize incoming data, handle the data management process and show your results in a meaningful way. After you have full understanding of the reservoir behavior, you also need a tool that will help you communicate your results to colleagues and management.

After spending years consulting with the reservoir simulation community, we have a solution that makes the post reservoir simulation workflow significantly more efficient. Our tool, Tecplot RS, helps you manage, analyze large amounts of data, uncovering knowledge about reservoir model behavior, and communicate your results with professional images and animations.

By working closely with reservoir engineers, our team has carefully studied typical reservoir simulation workflows. Tecplot RS is specifically designed to streamline processes so that engineers get to their answers in just a few mouse clicks. Efficient methods for loading large data sets along with a simple and easy to use interface help you quickly access the views you need to comprehend your data.

As a full data visualization and analysis tool, Tecplot RS is compatible with many different sources of data. This industry compatibility makes it easy to standardize your results. It also facilitates cross team communication throughout the organization.

Important information extracted from your model can give you fresh insights about reservoir behavior, leading to new discoveries. Tecplot RS has built in statistical analysis tools that pull out detailed reservoir model characteristics. For example, integrating the total oil in place for a grid solution. High quality graphics allow you to view your reservoir from many different perspectives, and actually seeing what is going on inside your reservoir, optimizes your brains ability to make good decisions.

In the oil and gas industry today, affordability is a vital concern. The cost point of Tecplot RS can shift your company paradigm. Your company can now afford to supply a data visualization and analysis tool to everyone on the team. And with each team member accessing the same data, they can collaborate freely.

In summary, Tecplot RS is an all in one XY, 2D and 3D solution. This one tool helps your team easily organize data results, have confidence in model predictions, collaborate across teams and communicate results to management.

A short learning curve, full technical support and free online training, helps your team get up and running quickly.

We will continue to work with the reservoir simulation community to identify ways to improve post processing workflows. Your feedback will continue to help us carve out the future development path for Tecplot RS.

We’re looking forward to working with you.