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Managing Tecplot Licenses and Keys


In this video we will use the My Tecplot customer portal to do the following:

  • Activate your license with an activation code.
  • Request a new Tecplot license key.
  • Deactivate a license key.
  • Get technical support.

Manage Tecplot Licenses and Keys

If you don't already have one, My Tecplot account

If you don’t already have one, create a My Tecplot account (see top menu)

Log into your My Tecplot account (link in top menu. If you don’t have an account, you can request one from the log in screen. Once logged in, you’ll see the Dashboard with links to download releases of Tecplot software, manage licenses and keys, submit new and view existing support tickets, and edit information in your profile.

If you haven’t already done so, download and install your licensed Tecplot software from My Tecplot > Product Releases. Manage Tecplot Licenses from My Tecplot > Licenses and Keys.

Activate Your Software – Automatically

For 2016 and later versions of Tecplot software, the fastest and most efficient method for activating your installation is to use an activation code. To find your activation code:

  • Go to the My Tecplot Licenses & Keys page. Find the activation code in the right-hand column and copy it.
  • Open your Tecplot software and paste the activation code into the field in the Licensing dialog. Activation codes will automatically create a key and activate your Tecplot software. This code will also automatically update the key when you renew your license. Activation codes work for single user licenses only.

Activate Your Software – Manually

Installing Tecplot software creates a myhostids.txt file with the host information specific to your machine. The host information is needed to manually request a key for your license. You can manually request a new license key to activate your Tecplot software.

  • Go to the Licenses & Keys page.
  • Select the license you want to activate from the list of licenses.
  • Click the “Create new license key” link.
  • Open your myhostids.txt file in a text editor. Your myhostids.txt file can be found in the main folder of your Tecplot installation. Copy and paste it into the field provided, then click Submit.
  • A new license key will be emailed to you. The key is also available by clicking “View Key.” Instructions on how to install the new key are included in the email.

License Transfer Request

You can deactivate a license key from the Licenses & Keys page when you need to transfer a license to a new computer. Deactivation requests create a support ticket and require customers to accept and sign our License Transfer Policy before the request can be approved and the key can be deactivated. Single User licenses can only have 1 active key and Network licenses can only have 1 active key with which to activate the license server.

View Active Support Tickets

You can view your active Support Tickets, or create a new one, from the My Tecplot dashboard. If requesting a new license key, please be sure to include the relevant license number and host information of the machine, preferably in the form of the myhostids.txt file. When received by Support, they will respond with your new key and/or any answers to your questions.

This concludes the introduction to My Tecplot. For any further questions, feel free to contact Tecplot Support.

Thanks for watching!

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