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12 Advanced Tips for Optimizing Tecplot 360 Performance


This webinar covers 12+ advanced tips for optimizing Tecplot 360 rendering improvements as well as performance speedups.

With CFD simulations increasing in size according to Moore’s law, NASA predicts that typical CFD simulations will exceed 100-billion cells by 2025. In order to handle ever-increasing grid sizes, the Tecplot development team has been continuously improving the performance of Tecplot 360. We want to show you the technology advances so that you can start using them to work more efficiently.

This 60-minute Webinar covers rendering and performance tips to help you work more effectively, including:

Differences with various file formats and grid types

  • ASCII, PLT, SZL, Fluent, Plot3D
  • Structured, Unstructured, Polyhedral grids

Technologies which improve performance


  • Variable & node map sharing
  • Intelligent data caches

How style affects performance

  • Banded vs. Continuous contouring
  • Gouraud vs Paneled shading
  • Edges
  • Translucency
  • Scatter symbol shape

Settings to improve performance

  • Disabling Auto redraw
  • Plot approximations
  • Graphics cache

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