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Slice Extraction


Three modes of slice extraction are available in Tecplot 360 2017 Release 3. This video will describe when you should use each mode.

  1. Extraction by Group. The first of the three options is which slice group you would like to extract from. In previous versions (prior to Tecplot 360 2017 R3), only the currently active slices could be extracted. With the Extract by Group option, you can now extract slices without toggling them on and requiring additional steps of loading and drawing.
  2. Extraction to a Single Zone. The next set of options allows for extraction to a single zone (this was the default in previous versions of Tecplot 360). You can also separate the extraction regions based on the connected regions. Connected regions include zone boundaries where the slice goes across multiple zones, or when a single zone has distinct regions such as flow through a nacelle, or a wing with multiple sections.
  3. Extraction from a Surface. The final (and new) option applies only when extracting from a surface. This option makes an attempt to save the extracted zone as an ordered zone, as opposed to the previous default of an FE-line segment zone. By ensuring the resulting zone is ordered, this allows additional analysis to be performed within Tecplot, and connecting with data and scripting tools such as PyTecplot and MATLAB®.

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