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Stamp Plot Overview


The stamp plot feature in Tecplot RS gives you a new way of displaying your well production data spatially with your grid solution.

Why is Stamp Plot Important?

After a reservoir simulation has been run, you typically need to analyze your raw data, well by well.

Looking at your production results gives you an initial understanding of the reservoir behavior. Then you need to dive into the grid solution to get a visual understanding.

It can be difficult to keep everything in your head as you flip back and forth between the raw data and the grid solution, especially as solutions become larger and more complex.

The need for a simple, easy-to-comprehend view of your data is crucial to get answers quickly.

The Stamp Plot in Tecplot RS gives you this needed smart view. It attaches the production data at each well location to the grid solution.

The resulting view shows you well- production time history and the reservoir dynamics – in a single plot. A plot that allows you full control over the variables that you want to display.

You can also magnify any plot to dive deeper into the details for further analysis.

In addition to the Stamp Plot, Tecplot RS has other smart views that help you gain a deeper understanding of your reservoir simulation results.

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