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Loading Data into Tecplot 360

This video tutorial walks you through how to load your data into Tecplot 360. Follow along by downloading and extracting the files from the Getting Started Bundle. The Bundle file contains data used in many of our video tutorials.

Loading Data

  1. Run Tecplot 360 and choose Load Data… from the File menu or use the Open File icon File Open.
  2. Choose the Tecplot Subzone Data Loader (*.szplt).
  3. Navigate to the FlowOverCylinder folder in the bundle you downloaded.
  4. Open the file OversetCylinder.szplt.

SZL File Format

The Overset Cylinder uses Tecplot’s proprietary data format we call Subzone Load on Demand or SZL (pronounced “sizzle”). SZL file format loads data faster because only the data needed for your plot is loaded at a given time. Learn more about SZL file format. Here is a tutorial showing you how to convert your data to SZL (.szplt) file format using Preplot and SZL Convert.

Compatible File Types

Tecplot 360 interfaces with CFD solvers and analysis tools that export in Tecplot readable format. Direct loaders for common file formats and CFD codes: Fluent, OpenFOAM, FUN3D, OVERFLOW, Plot3D, CGNS, Excel, CSV, FVCOM, CFD++, Cart3D, US3D … See all »

If you are not finding the data loaders that you’re looking for, email support@tecplot.com and if possible, please attach/share your data with us. If you’re a Python user, check-out our Python API which opens more doors for loading your XY and 2D-structured data.

Learn the differences between Tecplot files DAT, PLT, and SZPLT Data File Formats in this instructional video Tecplot DAT, PLT, and SZPLT Data File Formats.

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