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Tecplot RS 2019 R1 – Well Path Trend Analysis


The highlight of Tecplot RS 2019 Release 1 is the new Well Path. This feature allows users to easily view property trends along any well path. The existing Well Editor dialog has been completely redesigned. It is now easier for users to create new wells from scratch and to make modifications to existing wells.
And for CMG users, we now support the newer SR3 three format.

Well Path Toggle

In the sidebar of Tecplot RS, you will see new Well Path toggle. With this toggle activated, you can probe at any specific well and be presented with the property value versus the well path distance. Whether the well is vertical, horizontal or deviated, the well path probe will follow with a true well path distance and present you with the trends along that path.

Well Editor

The Well Editor dialog has been redesigned with improved usability and new functionality. Any well definition read directly from the simulator and survey wells that have been imported during the grid load will be displayed in the wealth section.

Well Node Changes

Changes to simulation Well Nodes can be made on the fly. The resulting changes can be output in the proper format and read back into your simulator.

Brand new wells can be created in this dialog as well. This can be done manually by entering in the desired well nodes one by one. It can also be done now interactively, either by probing at the desired well nodes one by one or by adding a series of nodes along any horizontal or vertical direction.

You can choose to draw a well along any IJK direction. Select an initial node, and then specify the number of nodes you want to draw along that path. The new well path feature can be used to display the grid properties along the paths of these newly created wells.

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