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Tecplot 360 2019 R1 Improves Speed and Compatibility with Top CFD Solvers

Improved Load Times and Usability with CONVERGE, OpenFOAM, FUN3D, SU2 and TELEMAC


BELLEVUE, WA (September 12, 2019) – Tecplot, Inc. has announced the general availability of Tecplot 360 2019 Release 1.

Tecplot 360 2019 Release 1 shows the company’s long-term commitment to providing high-quality support for top computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes.

A new CONVERGE HDF5 loader reads CONVERGE 3.0 post*.h5 files directly without having to first convert them using post_convert. This saves significant time and cuts disk space requirements in half for Tecplot 360 and Tecplot for CONVERGE users.

The Tecplot OpenFOAM data loader has increased performance and improved usability. Engineers using FUN3D and SU2 open source codes with the TecIO-MPI Library will see write speeds that are up to 15 times faster. The TecIO library allows third-party applications to read and write Tecplot file format. TecIO-MPI supports parallel writing of data.

Tecplot continues to expand its support of the geoscience community with addition of the TELEMAC loader to the list of Tecplot 360-compatible file formats. Loaders for ROMS and WRF are still in Beta form and are available upon request by contacting Tecplot Support at support@tecplot.com.

“It may not sound wildly exciting, but these improvements to our data loaders can make a huge difference to customers in product development and research who are reading and writing large amounts of data,” says Scott Fowler, Tecplot 360 Product Manager. “And another seemingly small but significant highlight is the release of PyTecplot 1.0, which means backward compatibility will be guaranteed for all documented APIs.”

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Download Tecplot 360

Tecplot 360 2019 Release 1 is available for download as Free Trial Software, or for customers through the MyTecplot Customer Portal.

About Tecplot 360

Tecplot 360 is the fastest, most memory-efficient CFD post-processor available for desktop computers. The software’s industry-leading speed – both computational and rendering — is achieved through Tecplot’s proprietary SZL technology, which is a combination of deferred data loading, exhaustive parallelization, and many other code optimizations. When loading modern high-fidelity CFD solutions, benchmarks show 94% less memory usage, 6.75 times faster time to first image, and 50% smaller file sizes compared to earlier versions of Tecplot 360. Results vary depending on the size and type of data.

CFD engineers are now able to load and analyze data once reserved for only the largest high-performance computing centers.
In January 2017, three powerful modules were integrated into Tecplot 360:

  • Tecplot Chorus, an analytics tool for exploring large datasets composed of multiple solutions or experiments.
  • PyTecplot, a Python API for automating workflows.
  • SZL Server, a client-server module for accessing data remotely.

These modules are available for customers on TecPLUS maintenance service and anyone who downloads a free trial of the software.

Tecplot 360 users with current TecPLUS maintenance can upgrade to Tecplot 360 2019 Release 1 at no additional cost.

Special pricing is available for Academic users upon request, see Tecplot for academics.

About Tecplot, Inc.

Tecplot, an operating company of Toronto-based Constellation Software, Inc. (CSI), is the leading independent developer of visualization and analysis software for engineers and scientists. CSI is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:CSU). CSI acquires, manages and builds software businesses that provide mission-critical solutions in specific vertical markets.

Tecplot visualization and analysis software allows customers using desktop computers and laptops to quickly analyze and understand (local or remote) information hidden in complex data and communicate their results to others via professional images and animations. The company’s products are used by more than 47,000 technical professionals around the world.

More information: Tecplot 360
Contact: pr@tecplot.com