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Tecplot Add-in for Excel

Tecplot Add-in for Excel

This tutorial is for using the Tecplot add-in for Excel. It is available for Windows and found in the \util folder of your Tecplot 360 installation.

To enable the add-in for Excel, run the file RunTecplot5.xla, and instruct Excel to enable macros. The tool will then be found under the add-ins tab of Excel.

This add-in will load cells from left to right and top to bottom, so make the selection of cells that you wish to load into Tecplot 360, start in the upper left and move to the lower right.

This first example is in table format with multiple dependent variables in one zone.

Once the cells have been selected, click Send to Tecplot. This add-in will then create a new ASCII file from the cell data that is then loaded into Tecplot 360. We can toggle on mappings for the other variables in the Mapping Style dialog to compare our data.

In another example in table format, we can load in multiple zones, where the breaks between cells indicate the separation between the zones. The Tecplot add-in for Excel also supports loading and cell data in carpet format. This will load in a 2D dataset from the cells and assign variables X, Y, and V.

This concludes the tutorial for the Tecplot add-in for Excel. Thank you for watching.

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