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Tecplot 360 Basics Training – Aerodynamics


Tecplot 360 Basics training with Account Manager Jared McGarry. Jared has plenty of tips, tricks, and best practices to show you how to analyze your data more effectively. This training uses the ONERA M6 Wing dataset, which you can find in your Tecplot 360 installation examples folder.

  • Touring the Tecplot 360 User Interface. ​
  • Loading your data. ​
  • Exploring your data – styling slices, iso-surface, and streamlines. ​
  • Calculating new quantities – using the equation editor and built-in functions. ​
  • Extracting data – for dimensionality reduction. ​
  • Line Plotting – engineering decisions are often made with simple line plots. ​
  • Exporting your results – exporting images, animations, and videos. ​

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