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Extract Blanked Zones

Extract Blanked Zones in Tecplot 360

This tutorial is primarily designed for those using CONVERGE datasets. We use the Extract Blanked Zones tool in Tecplot 360 2020 R1 to create a sub-zone which represents the volume above 2000 degrees Celsius within an internal combustion engine. An iso-surface could be used, but there are times when the iso-surface is not a closed surface and the plot does not accurately represent the entirety of the volumetric region.

We will be using one of the Internal Combustion Engine simulations in the Tecplot 360 Getting Started Bundle.

  1. Update Your Software to Tecplot 360 2020 R1 or newer. Get a Free Trial or Update your Licensed Software.
  2. Download the Getting Started Bundle (ZIP).
  3. Open the file ICE000085_+3.90251e+01.plt in “360GettingStarted\ICE” folder.

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