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Webinar: What’s New in Tecplot 360 2020 R2


What’s new in Tecplot 360 2020 R2

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  • Overview of What’s New (3:34) – Tecplot 360 2020 R2 was released on December 9, 2020.
  • Tecplot Chorus reintroduction (5:20) – Chorus returns with support for 4k monitors and newer operating systems.
  • Reference variables by name (13:13)- Tecplot 360 can now save variables by name in macros, layouts, and stylesheets and use names when loading data and retaining the existing style.
  • Multi-threaded variable calculations (16:41) – Variables calculated under the Analyze>Calculate Variables menu are now multi-threaded, providing up to 6x faster variable calculations.
  • Extract zones to connected regions (20:12) – A new function has been added to PyTecplot and the Tecplot 360 macro language to create new zones from isolated regions in one or more finite element zones.
  • New and Updated Data Loaders (22:35) – If you have any issues loading your data into Tecplot 360, we want to hear from you! And even better if you can share you data with us. Contact us at support@tecplot.com or see our Support options.
    • EXODUS II Data Loader (22:37) – Tecplot 360 now offers a new data loader for the Exodus II file format.
    • CGNS 4 file support (22:54) – The CGNS loader is now built against CGNS 4.1.2. CGNS 4 added capabilities which allow for faster parallel write of polyhedral data. 
    • CONVERGE 3.1 file support (24:04) 
    • OpenFOAM fixes and enhancements (24:20)
  • Platform support changes (25:17) – See all Tecplot 360 Requirements.
    • Mac (25:31)
    • Linux (26:18)
    • Python (26:56)
  • Try the newest version of Tecplot 360

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  • Is the Reference Variable By Name available in layouts, stylesheets, macros, and PyTecplot? (31:16)


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