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Tecplot RS 2021 R1 – Batch Export

The 2021 release of Tecplot RS is now available. Tecplot always strives to make the lives of reservoir engineers easier by streamlining post-processing workflows. This new version will help you save time, which makes room for better decision making and communication.

The key enhancement in this release is a completely revamped animation and image export dialog. Now, users can choose the multiple entities option and select all the wells they would like to export. Tecplot RS will step through and export each plot in batch. The selected folder will contain all of the exported images.

In grid modes, users have always had the option of displaying both the matrix and fracture grids. Tecplot RS now has an included option to display a Delta grid between matrix and fracture.

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Download the latest version of RS today. Please feel free to reach out directly to us. We are always willing to provide one-on-one support: Email rajaolimuthu@tecplot.com or use the Contact Form.

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