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From Zero to Hero: FieldView Basics

FieldView Basics

In this webinar, we show you the basics of using FieldView software. You can follow along by requesting a Free Trial. In the first FieldView Basics demonstration, we’ll cover creating high quality images and videos, working with objects, geometry and variables, material rendering, saving your work, and more! In the second demonstration, we’ll look at analyzing large simulation results with Parallel FieldView. And finally, we’ll show you an easy way to create and modify scripts to automate your workflow and work in batch. Be sure to check out our documentation, especially the Working with FieldView PDF.

If you are interested in a deeper dive to use FieldView with your own data, please contact us today at sales@tecplot.com. We are happy to host an in-depth technical discussion with you and your team. 


FieldView Basics

  • Introductions [00:00:00]
  • FieldView History [03:00:00]
  • Agenda [04:18:07]
  • Demonstration #1 [5:16:25]
    • Loading Data [5:18:07]
    • Creating Objects/Geometry [6:29:21]
    • Variables [09:05:06]
    • Colormaps [09:44:20]
    • Legends [12:25:23]
    • Copy and Paste or Save Image [12:35:00]
    • Cutting Planes (Coordinate Surface) [14:11:28]
    • Exporting a Video [17:19:23]
    • Multiple Surfaces [18:06:01]
    • Multiple Windows [20:33:18]
    • Isosurfaces [23:29:06]
    • Functions and Q Criterion [25:25:14]
    • Streamlines [27:44:26]
    • Material Rendering [30:07:14]
    • Center of Rotation [31:32:08]
    • Realistic Rendering [32:44:23]
    • Background Image [34:50:28 and 43:03:19]
    • Saving your Images [36:20:08]
  • Questions
    • How do you create surface streamlines using surface skin friction vectors? [37:07:15]
    • Is it possible to generate an arbitrary plane, not necesarily an X or Y, Z plane?[40:22:18]
    • How do you bring a background in, like the sky? [35:50:28]
    • Is FieldView capable of working with large datasets? [48:26:07]
  • Demonstration #2 [44:40:20]
    • Parallel FieldView [44:43:13]
    • XDB format for archiving or sharing [49:03:00]
    • Scripting [52:21:00]

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact support@tecplot.com.