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Webinar: Tecplot 360 2022 R2

In this release, we are very excited to offer “Batch-Pack” licensing for the first time. A Batch-Pack license enables a single user access to multiple concurrent batch instances of our Python API (PyTecplot) while consuming only a single license seat. This option will reduce license contention and allow for faster turnaround times by running jobs in parallel across multiple nodes of an HPC. All at a substantially lower cost than buying additional license seats.


Data courtesy of ZJ Wang, University of Kansas, visualization by Tecplot.

Webinar Agenda for 360 2022 R2

  • Tecplot at a Glance
  • Tecplot 360 Suite of Tools [02:11]
  • Overview of What’s New in Tecplot 360 2022 R2 [03:15]
  • Batch-Packs [04:25]
  • Critical Bug Fixes [8:29]
  • Loader Updates [11:16]
  • TecIO Updates [15:37]
  • Platform Updates [17:15]
  • Higher-Order Element Technology Preview [18:50]
  • Questions & Answers [27:26]


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