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FieldView joins Tecplot.com – Merger Update

Three years after our merger began, we can report that the combined FieldView and Tecplot team is stronger than ever. Customers continue to receive the highest quality support and new product releases and we have built a solid foundation that will allow us to continue contributing to our customers’ successes long into the future.

This month we have taken another step by merging the FieldView website into www.tecplot.com. Our social media outreach will also be combined. Stay up to date with news and announcements by subscribing and following us on social media.

AIAA SciTech Team 2023

Members of Tecplot 360 & FieldView teams exhibit together at AIAA SciTech 2023. From left to right: Shane Wagner, Charles Schnake, Scott Imlay, Raja Olimuthu, Jared McGarry and Yves-Marie Lefebvre. Not shown are Scott Fowler and Brandon Markham.

It’s been a pleasure seeing two groups that were once competitors come together as a team, learn from each other and really enjoy working together.

– Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Tecplot CTO & FieldView Product Manager.

Our customers have seen some of the benefits of our merger in the form of streamlined services from the common Customer Portal, simplified licensing, and license renewals. Sharing expertise and assets across teams has already led to the faster implementation of modules such as licensing and CFD data loaders. By sharing our development resources, we’ve been able to invest more in new technology, which will soon translate to increased performance and new features for all products.

Many of the improvements are internal to our organization but will have lasting benefits for our customers. Using common development tools and infrastructure will enable us to be as efficient as possible to ensure we can put more of our energy into improving the products. And with the backing of the larger organization, we have a firm foundation to look long term at what our customers will need in years to come.

We want to thank our customers and partners for their support and continued investment as we endeavor to create better tools that empower engineers and scientists to discover, analyze and understand information in complex data, and effectively communicate their results.

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