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Introducing Tecplot 360 MB Beta: Mo Speed, Mo Ease, Mo Better (MB)

We’re working on improvements to make Tecplot 360 “MB” (Mo’ Better). This version of Tecplot 360 represents a new way of working with your data by introducing a number of key new concepts:

  • Data Journal
  • Deferred computationTransient Line Plot
  • Part names
  • Transient XY Line Plots
  • Layouts/Macros/Stylesheets will refer to Parts/Variables by name

These concepts will make Tecplot 360 faster to use, reduce reliance on scripting, decrease the need to write out data when saving layouts, and allow layouts, macros, and stylesheets to be more easily reused with other datasets.

If you’re an active customer, try out Tecplot 360 MB Beta here: https://my.tecplot.com/portal/product-releases/360/beta

Otherwise, contact our support team at support@tecplot.com to request a trial.