We are Cadence’s partner in Europe, and can assist you with all of your CFD activities.

Particularly for your Meshing with Fidelity Pointwise. Fidelity Pointwise is a powerful stand-alone CFD mesh generator providing a full range of functionality from geometry model preparation, mesh generation using a variety of techniques, and compatibility with a broad range of flow solvers.

For all your CFD workflow with Fidelity CFD. Fidelity CFD is the end-to-end solution for all CFD-related applications, in a single environment. From the meshing to the post-processing and powerful solvers, the Fidelity CFD product family is home to an incredible array of tools capable of tackling complex flow problems, such as turbulence, combustion, CHT, and more.

We are also distributing new generation CFD tools such as Fidelity CharLES, a powerful solver that expands the practical application of large eddy simulations (LES) to a broad range of engineering applications in aerospace, automotive, and turbomachinery. Designed to tackle the toughest fluid dynamics challenges, it accurately predicts traditionally complex problems for CFD in aeroacoustics, aerodynamics, combustion, heat transfer, and multiphase.

Let’s improve your CFD workflow together!

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