Tecplot License Transfer Policy & Acknowledgement

In order to transfer a Tecplot license from one machine to another machine, the licensee must abide by the following terms, and sign this acknowledgement.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Your Tecplot license key will be deactivated upon request to allow the licensee to transfer their license to a different computer.
  • When a given license is transferred to another computer the old license key must be deleted and cannot be used again.
  • The intent of this policy is to allow the licensee to transfer a license from one computer to another, not to be used to increase throughput on multiple computers.
  • This benefit is revocable at any time at Tecplot’s sole discretion for any reason including the licensee discontinuing maintenance on the license, or future policy changes.

If you need help finding host information for your computer, please see this Knowledge Base article.

All other terms of the license policy are still in force.