Step-by-Step FieldView Tutorials

The FieldView tutorials walk users step-by-step through FieldView functionality with real-world examples and are included in the FieldView User’s Guide. Each includes read-in of a particular dataset, then demonstrates standard FieldView functionality. Using pictures and specific instructions, users will be guided through reading in and interrogating data and creating meaningful output. Full menus and graphics window representations help keep users on-track through each tutorial. While tutorials are often described by industry, all demonstrate basic capabilities and functionalities of FieldView that can be applied to many types of problems. The datasets for each FieldView Tutorial are available for download below.

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Aerospace Combustion Turbomachinery Automotive
Feature Extraction Vortex Shedding Automotive Diesel Combustion Free Surface Flow
Working with XDBs Biomedical Heat Exchanger Data Analysis
Chemical Processing Polymer Proccessing


FieldView Tutorial - Aerospace

Images left to right, Creating Pressure Profiles, Streamlines, Mach Number

Using Feature Detection over an F18, this Fieldview Tutorial includes basics for reading in PLOT3D data and beginning to work with it, exploring data using velocity vectors, pressure profiles, colormaps, and iso-surfaces. The user also learns how to create transparent surfaces and streamlines, and visualize the Mach number. The tutorial’s lessons conclude with displaying the model properties with FieldView functions, 2D plots, and creating complex animation using keyframe animation.

Aerospace Tutorial Download (ZIP 6M)


Automotive FieldView Tutorial

Images left to right, Vortex formation with velocity vectors, 2D plot of shear rate, integrating a surface

Using an automotive example of in-cylinder flow using a FLUENT-UNS dataset, users will cut away a portion of the surface, visualize vortex formation using velocity vectors and streamlines, seed from a surface and change the way streamlines and vectors are displayed. 2D plots of shear rate and density on a valve are created, scalars are integrated on a surface, and a flipbook animation is created.

Automotive Tutorial Download (ZIP 545K)

Automotive Diesel Combustion

Automotive Diesel Combustion

An opposed dual-piston problem is used with KIVA data to demonstrate the creation of a hidden line view of the boundary surface, how to display velocity vectors and fuel concentration over time, amplify the contour range, make two plots of fuel concentration and 3D animations of spray results. The user will finish by displaying the exhaust mass flow rate as a function of crank angle.

Automotive Diesel Combustion Tutorial Download (ZIP 15M)


Biomedical FieldView Tutorial

Images left to right, Visualizing stress and cncentration contours, Visualizing flow of the medicine

In this FieldView tutorial, a catheter is inserted into an artery with a tumor and fluid is injected through a catheter. The user will append, analyze and visualize two datasets. Users will also display shear on the artery wall, unify characteristics between the surfaces, calculate mass flow rate, and visualize stress, concentration, and the flow of medicine.

Biomedical Tutorial Download (ZIP 2M)

Chemical Processing


Images left to right, Analyzing flow in shafts, Adjusting presentation rendering, Examing regions of high and low viscosity

A three-blade mixer with CFX-4 data is used to examine how to analyze flow in the mixer shafts, examine high/low viscosity regions, automatically add streamline seeds between points, adjust presentation rendering, calculate the impeller flow number, and increase the accuracy of an integration.

Chemical Processing Tutorial Download (ZIP 20M)



Images left to right, Contours on a scalar surface, Iso-surfaces visualize combustion process

Using a combuster, users will create wall boundaries in a PLOT3D file, create filled contours and contours on a scalar surface, visualize the flame envelope, combustion process, and gas temperature, and use streamlines to investigate flow patterns.

Combustion Tutorial Download (ZIP 7M)

Feature Extraction

FieldView Tutorial - Feature Extraction

FieldView’s feature extraction capabilities are used to examine the flow around and within a water droplet. The user will create and orient the droplet geometry, utilize vortex core and separation/reattachment feature detection tools, show internal flow structures, and create a keyframe animation for all vortex cores.

Feature Extraction Tutorial Download (ZIP 3M)

Free Surface Flow

Using an application from the casting industry, various ways to visualize free surface flow are demonstrated. The user will read and visualize transient FLOW3D data, create IJK surfaces, legends and velocity vectors. This FieldView Tutorial also shows users how to change the colormap settings, display the surface mesh, and clip surfaces using thresholding.

Free Surface Flow Tutorial Download (ZIP 24.5M)

Heat Exchanger

FieldView Tutorial - Heat Exchanger

This tutorial focuses on comparing both analytical and visual results directly from 3D data. A heat exchanger dataset is explored. Cartesian data will be converted into cylindrical coordinates, a theta coordinate surface created, and surfaces automatically created from previous datasets. Dataset results are compared, with partial integration used. 2D plots from the surface intersections and keyframe animation from multiple datasets are created.

Heat Exchanger Tutorial Download (ZIP 2M)

Polymer Processing

FieldView Tutorial - Polymer Processing

Images left to right, Back flow using streamlines, Axial velocity cross sections alongside mixer and legend, Shear rates on blade surface and importing a restart file, Integrating “current” surface of concentration variance

Using a static mixer simulation, the user will visualize backflow on mixer blades and axial velocities, display shear rates on surfaces, integrate the concentration variance on a surface and display results. Translating surfaces and creating a titled fade-in for a keyframe animation are demonstrated, as is using a FieldView restart file to resume a work session or retrieve accumulated data.

Polymer Processing Tutorial Download (ZIP 3M)



2nd & 3rd images left to right, Iso-surface for streamline seeding, “Sweep Integration” and 2D plots

Specific to geometrically periodic data, the dataset is rotated with periodic boundary conditions. Isosurfaces, surface pressure contours, streamlines, and particle paths are used to elucidate flow structures, identify inefficiencies and flow leakage. The tutorial discusses presenting results with annotated images and plots.

Turbomachinery Tutorial Download (ZIP 11M)

Vortex Shedding

Vortex Shedding

Images left to right, Transient data files and animating the vortex tail, Using scripts and the Data Guide to improve animation

This FieldView Tutorial demonstrates the creation and use of streaklines from a transient FieldView Unstructured data file. Streamlines and surface data are managed and animated through transient sweeps and the use of scripts and FieldView data guide are introduced.

Vortex Shedding Tutorial Download (ZIP 26M)

Working with FieldView XDB Files

Working with XDB files

Images left to right, Creating and importing XDB datasets, Using FieldView XDBs for dataset comparison

FieldView XDBs are powerful CFD data management tools and the enable high-performance post-processing. The user will learn how to create and import XDB files, use XDBs for dataset sampling, and perform numerical dataset comparisons with sampled data.

FieldView XDB Tutorial Download (ZIP 22M)

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Sample FFT magnitude & phase

This FieldView Tutorial demonstrates how to use FieldView and Octave to perform Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) and FFT on CFD results.

Data Analysis Tutorial Download (ZIP 476M)