Parallel Post on HPC Made Easy with FieldView 2023

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Parallel Post on HPC Made Easy with FieldView 2023

Ready to take your FieldView experience to the next level? FieldView 2023 has been released and is available for download through our Customer Portal and as a Free Trial. We have implemented new features, fixes, and performance improvements that will increase your ease and efficiency when post-processing. The feedback we receive from our users is extremely important to us. In fact, many of the new capabilities of FieldView 2023 were derived from user feedback and we worked directly with those users to test and implement them. Here are some of the improvements:

Easier Client-Server and Parallel Setup from Your Local Machine to an HPC System

Client Server Setup

On FieldView 2022 and earlier versions, users may have faced challenges establishing Client-Server connection from their local machines to an HPC System as a result of layers of firewalls, the inability to run directly on compute nodes, etc. With FieldView 2023, it has never been easier to connect to an HPC system from your local machine. Client-Server Autostart now supports:

  • Port forwarding to the Login Node through SSH or PuTTY
  • FieldView Server(s) job submission through a scheduler (Currently PBS)
  • Double port forwarding from the Compute Node back to the Local System

A New GUI panel has been added that shows progress as FieldView establishes the connection (pictured here). In addition, FieldView now comes with Open MPI 4.1.5.

Show Local Scalar Min/Max Locations and Values in One Click

Identifying the exact location and values of a scalar’s minimum and maximum can be difficult. But with FieldView 2023, that’s now possible in one click.

  • Show Scalar Min/Max is a new surface property available for all surfaces
  • The label is fully customizable, with your choice of font, color and numerical format
  • The default label shows the scalar’s name automatically
  • The text is always shown on top of other objects, for better readability

Scalar Min Max Feature

New arctan2() Function for Computing Local Angle of Attack

We have added a new operator, arctan2(), to allow easy computation of Local Angle of Attack (LAoA).

Angle of Attack

New Polyspheres Display Type for Accurate Intersection with Surfaces

In the past, high-performance Display Type Spheres caused unrealistic intersections with surfaces. In FieldView 2023, we have introduced a new particle display path called Polyspheres that allows accurate intersections.

                                                                      Polysheres 1Polysheres 2

New Key Modifiers for Controlling the View from a Trackpad

FieldView’s view controls are designed for a mouse with three buttons, but what if you only have one or two buttons? For those controllers, we added new key modifiers pictured below:

MacOS Controls

New for macOS

Windows or Linux Controls

New for Windows and Linux








Improved VTK, ANSYS-Fluent CFF, Tecplot360 and Ensight Readers

  • New Support for the VTI format which can be read in two ways: “VTK Structured” reader and “VTK Unstructured/Hybrid” reader
  • New support for changing number of grids over time
  • New support for IBlanking information in VTU datasets
  • Our Tecplot360 and Ensight readers are now more visible

More Improvements

  • Faster Data Input on Windows for datasets with many grids
  • The limit on the number of grids for a single dataset has been raised to 100,000 on Windows, to match other platforms
  • A desktop shortcut is automatically created during installation on Windows.
  • Over 20 bug fixes
  • Updated documentation

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For a full list of all the new features and enhancements, see the PDF, Welcome to FieldView.

To experience the ease, productivity, and in-depth analysis that FieldView 2023 delivers, contact us or try FieldView 2023 for free.

With this release, FieldView 2020 is no longer supported, which means FlexNet passwords will no longer be available. Please contact support@tecplot.com if you need assistance setting up an RLM license server to run supported versions FieldView 2021, FieldView 2022, and FieldView 2023.

See previous FieldView releases.