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Visualization software for dynamic fluids: A visual treat!

Numbers are important. But you know what else is important?

Being able to visualize those numbers.

And the marriage of the two is what engineering is all about.

Engineers are no different from the rest of us, after all. They, too, learn and communicate best through visual presentations.

And so, a treat for your eyes today: Here are just some examples of the types of visualizations engineers and others create with Tecplot’s various visualization and analysis software for CFD simulation analytics.

You’ll notice that all of them have to do with fluids. That’s because all of the companies who use our software have one thing in common: they need to understand the dynamics of fluid flow.


Flow visualization
Tecplot 360 is a numerical simulation and CFD visualization software tool that helps engineers and scientists quickly plot and animate their data to get the most accurate answers to their questions. Of all the CFD visualization brands on the market, Tecplot 360 is the easiest to use and offers the most visually powerful output.
Flow 1
Tecplot Chorus, included with Tecplot 360, allows engineers to visually compare tens, even thousands of simulation cases in a single interface. Now engineers can instantly dive into the underlying fluid dynamic phenomena, evaluating the overall system performance of their projects. This results in greater understanding and better designs.
Flow 3
Tecplot RS helps engineers save time understanding reservoir simulation results. It’s a specialized visualization tool that gives you a full range of options for analyzing data with line graphs, 2D cross sections, and 3D grid plots. It’s extremely easy to use and gives you visually powerful plots to share with others in your organization.
Flow 4
Tecplot, Inc. helps engineers and scientists understand objects and fluids in motion. The result is better aerodynamics of vehicles that move people; more efficient mass flow rate of liquids in pipelines, greater ability to predict weather patterns; and much more.

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