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Using MATLAB® and TecIO to Read/Write Tecplot Data


This 30-minute webinar provides a method for getting Tecplot files into MATLAB® and for writing Tecplot files from MATLAB®. The method we show you in this webinar allows you to take advantage of MATLAB’s wide array of analysis capabilities while still benefiting from Tecplot’s superior plotting power.

Testimonials about MATLAB and Tecplot 360

Dale Roach at the University of New Brunswick has been using Tecplot 360 since the mid 1990s. Recently, however, he hasn’t used it at all due to moving away from his research work with parallel FORTRAN, and toward teaching related computations with MATLAB. He was about to let his Tecplot 360 license expire until he discovered this Webinar.

Dale prefers the 3D plotting capabilities of Tecplot 360, and the ability to directly write to the .szplt file format for the large datasets he generates.

“I happened to search MATLAB on your website and came across the webinar and it totally changed my mind. My two favourite pieces of software get along!!!

I was able to get up and running really quickly and am really looking forward to diving back into some hardcore computation and visualization. Love your product!”

– Dale Roach, Senior Teaching Associate, Department of Engineering, University of New Brunswick

“The ability to quickly read Tecplot files directly into MATLAB® not only sped up my workflow, it also allowed me to use an existing output hook in FUN3D rather than having to request developer support to provide a custom output for my purpose.”

– Craig Streett, Senior Research Scientist in Computational Aerosciences Branch and NASA LaRC.

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