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3 Reasons To Post Process COMSOL® Results in Tecplot

Having a reliable, accurate, flexible and easy-to-use method to post process your results is key to effectively analyzing CFD, other simulation and test data results.

Tecplot 360 is a suite of CFD visualization and analysis tools that can handle large data sets, automate workflows and visualize parametric results.

Load Simulation And Test Data From Many Different Sources

If you aggregate data from multiple simulation sources, in addition to test data, you need the ability to load dozens of file types, as well as to cohesively view and compare all of your results. With Tecplot 360, organizing data into one or many frames is easy, intuitive and quick.

Powerful visualization options give you the ability to scale, sort and overlay images and data. Extracting data from 2D and 3D visualizations to match with 1D test data is fast and can be easily automated.

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Have Complete Control Over Your Plots

Communicating your results with professional, report-quality plots means you need the right format for the right publication – whether for a printed report, a presentation or a website. You will also want control over every aspect of the way your plot looks.

With Tecplot 360, you can output plots as raster and vector images, and in multiple video formats for animations. You can also:

  • Annotate with LaTeX fonts
  • Gain precise control over axes, plot backgrounds, labels, and legends
  • Overlay multiple contour lines and variables on the same plot
  • Export high-quality PNG, PostScript or EPS

You will not find a more flexible post-processor.

Analyze Your Results Quickly And Accurately

Creating high-fidelity models of complicated applied physics interactions mean lots of data to handle. You need a tool that can reduce time-to-first-image and all-around processing time. If you are working on a laptop or other mid-tier computer, running out of RAM and huge file sizes can be a major headache.

Tecplot 360’s SZL file format loads and processes data faster, uses less memory and produces smaller file sizes. Integrating software, like MATLAB®, into common workflows is a requirement for engineering tools today. Tecplot 360 is extensible through our Python API and through the Macro language.

Whether you are working with CFD, other simulation or test data, you need accurate results, robust analyses and seamless communication. Tecplot 360’s suite of visualization and analysis tools have unique features that help you explore large data sets from multiple simulations, compare results and evaluate overall system performance.
The Team here at Tecplot is dedicated to helping you get your work done more quickly, easily and efficiently.

Alan Klug
Alan Klug
Vice President, Customer Development
Tecplot, Inc.
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