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ATS, Tecplot Distributor in Brazil, Specializes in High-End CFD Solutions

In a new series, we’re excited to showcase Tecplot’s excellent distribution network, starting with ATS, our distributor in Brazil. While North American and European sales and support are covered directly by Tecplot, we’re thrilled that users in most other parts of the world can receive great instruction and service from an expert in their own time zone and language. ATS certainly fits this description.

Reliable and Robust Solutions for Mechanical and Thermo-fluid Dynamic Systems

We asked ATS to describe who they are and what they do.

ATS is an engineering services and software distribution company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with an engineering office in Miami, FL. We specialize in high-end numerical computational solutions. And we work with clients in the aeronautical, space, defense, oil & gas, mining and heavy industries. Our approach is aligning traditional engineering methods with advanced computational techniques to provide reliable and robust solutions for mechanical and thermo-fluid dynamic systems.

In the aerospace industry we work on conceptual projects and studies, product development phases (JDP, PDR, CDR), experimental test planning, execution and analysis, and certification projects, all the way from creation to modification and upgrading of existing equipment. We are 100% composed of engineers with real industry experience on aerodynamics and combustion, structural analysis, systems engineering, thermal and chemical processes, CFD and FEA simulations, optimization algorithms and several other types of studies and analysis. In order to execute our projects, we must rely on fast, robust and accurate software for numerical simulation. Our expertise has allowed us to become distributors of some of the best software on the market:

  • Tecplot 360 for post-processing and numerical solutions visualization.
  • Metacomp’s CFD++ for thermal and fluid analysis.
  • Ennova Meshing for mesh generation.
  • iChrome Nexus for optimization schemes and platform integration.

Tecplot 360 has been one of our greatest tools for development and analysis.

The wide range of visualization tools available on Tecplot 360 allows a deep understanding of the phenomenon being analyzed, providing essential information for engineering studies and decision making.

Case Study: Landing Envelope of a Helicopter on a Brazilian Navy Corvette

We asked ATS for an example of how they put their expertise in CFD and their knowledge of how to get the best out of Tecplot to the test.

One of the cases we’ve worked recently was the definition of the landing envelope of a helicopter on a Brazilian Navy Corvette. As many of us know, a helicopter has its own landing envelope dictated by the manufacturer, defining the limits of wind direction and speed during a landing maneuver on the ground. When landing on a ship under rough wind and sea conditions, the picture is a little different.

The huge corvette structure is disturbing the air flow on the landing deck in such a way that the wind conditions on the helicopter during the landing maneuver is not the same as it would be on a ground landing.

Each helicopter has its own ground landing envelope, and each ship affects the flow in a unique way, forcing the definition of a specific ship landing envelope for each combination of helicopter and ship. This ship landing envelope definition is usually done with several wind tunnel experiments and actual flight tests, which are expensive, time consuming and dangerous for the test pilot and the ship crew.

ATS was hired by the Brazilian Navy to provide a better solution for the problem, and we proposed a numerical approach with computational fluid dynamics. We validated our CFD simulations with available experimental data, using Tecplot 360 as the main post-processing tool for the analysis.

We were able to analyze the flow around the Corvette and the landing deck on several wind and sea conditions using these Tecplot 360 tools:

  • Discrete vector plotting
  • Volume and surface slicing and extraction
  • Excel data loading
  • XY line plotting
CFD Analysis Team

Meet the ATS Team. We are 100% composed of engineers with real industry experience. Contact us for high-end numerical computational solutions.

The results were delivered and widely approved by the customer, leading to academical papers submission, new project requests and deeper partnership between ATS and the Brazilian Military Forces.

Contact ATS

As you can see, ATS is highly qualified to represent Tecplot in Brazil. If ATS can assist you with Tecplot sales or support, or CFD consulting services. Please contact ATS directly.

ATS Aerothermal Solutions
Tel: +55 (11) 4119-5549
Fax: +55 (11) 3854-4224
Email: tecplot@ats4i.com.br
Web: https://aerothermalsolutions.co/en/