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Getting Started Tecplot 360 – FVCOM Dataset

Getting Started with Tecplot is easy with this online training session. Learn the basic capabilities of visualizing your results with Tecplot 360 in this 45-minute training session. The demonstration uses an FVCOM dataset (in netCDF format), however, the training is applicable for other datasets, whether you are working with steady or unsteady results.

You can follow along by downloading the dataset from our Getting Started Bundle. Timestamps have been added for each section to get you to answers faster! Read the Q&A from the Training.

Getting Started with Tecplot 360 – Training Agenda

  • Introducing Tecplot, Inc. [timestamp 00:30]
  • Touring the Graphical User Interface (GUI) [timestamp 04:00]
  • Loading FVCOM Data in netCDF format [timestamp 06:44]
  • Manipulating the Plot View [timestamp 08:00]
  • Viewing the Dataset Information [09:45]
  • Adding a Georeferenced Image [timestamp 11:22]
  • Adjustment of 3D Plot Axis [timestamp 11:50]
  • Blanking Values [timestamp 13:56]
  • Walking through the Plot Sidebar [timestamp 14:39]
    (Mesh, Contour, Shade, Vector, Edge, Scatter)
  • Viewing Slices, Isosurfaces, Streamtraces [timestamp 25:13]
  • Frames, Frame Style Files, and Frame Linking  [timestamp 29:55]
  • Data Extraction and Polylines [timestamp 33:45]
  • Exporting Results with Images and Videos [timestamp 41:10]
  • Q&A [timestamp 45:05]

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